August 16, 2018

As the data science sector consolidates, who are likely buyers?

Last month, Clearsight Advisors announced that we served as the exclusive strategic and financial advisor to Kogentix in its acquisition by Accenture.

The global research and advisory firm 451 Research recently reported on that deal as an example of ballast for future M&A activity in the data science atmosphere, mentioning that “Accenture has also helped consolidate the data science sector by recently reaching for Kogentix. The target entered the data science fray last year looking to build a business in automated machine learning, deploying a data science platform pitched as an end-to-end stack for building machine-learning-driven applications.”

Accenture Applied Intelligence intends to use the acquisition to bolster their growing data engineering business as companies seek to “harness open source big data and advanced analytics technologies to identify revenue growth and cost reduction opportunities across the enterprise.” [Source]

We agree with 451 Research that the data science sector is beginning to consolidate. This article mentions SAP, SAS Institute, and OpenText as future acquirers and we would certainly add to that list IBM, Amazon, MSFT, and Salesforce as active consolidators or next generation data science/machine learning applications.

Clearsight continues to be well-positioned in advising high-end consulting firms serving the big data, machine learning, and digital transformation landscapes.