May 11, 2020

A Letter from Clearsight Advisors’ CEO: Our New Brand Identity

We are excited to announce the launch of our new brand identity as part of the ongoing evolution of Clearsight. Last year we began the process of interviewing our clients, employees and referral sources to better understand their views of Clearsight and what truly makes us stand out as a unique investment banking partner. The feedback was invaluable and there was a resounding consistency that we took to heart and used to embody our new brand.

As we look to celebrate our 9th anniversary this summer, we are incredibly humble and proud that we have become known as the go-to investment banking firm focused exclusively on the Knowledge Economy serving high-growth business services and tech-enabled services companies. Our coverage universe reflects where many of the markets are headed, as knowledge workers  –  in particular, in the consulting and outsourced services markets – are becoming critical to the success of new business models, digital technologies and massive data and analytics projects. Clearsight’s unique insights on how best to position these businesses to raise capital and execute strategic M&A is a critical component of their future success in these dynamic markets.

Our new logo is a refreshing enhancement to the original Clearsight logo from our founding in 2011.The new Clearsight website features a modern design that highlights several of the key “Clearsight” attributes and values that our research uncovered: Integrity Above All, Teamwork/People Focus, Intellectual Curiosity and Impact. The fact that these pillars continue to shine through today and are the exact character traits that were the cornerstone of Clearsight when we launched the firm is incredibly gratifying. Please take a look, explore the site, get to know our very bright and approachable team and review our strategic insights and market observations.

While we have a fresh new look, it is the same Clearsight team and expertise with which you have all come to rely. We debated launching this new Brand Identity amid the Coronavirus Pandemic. We ultimately concluded that this is the signaling and start of the next chapter in Clearsight’s evolution and it parallels the new chapter to come for all of us as we seek to emerge from this global pandemic. We know tomorrow will be different, but we look forward to embracing that change and taking the requisite steps to make sure that we, our clients and our friends identify how best to thrive in the “new normal”.

Please stay safe and healthy and we look forward to getting together soon to celebrate the next chapter for all of us.

Warmest regards,