Strategic Growth Capital

Growth Capital to
Fuel the Visions of Entrepreneurs

Clearsight Growth Capital for Professional Services Firms

We are the #1 professional services advisor offering strategic growth capital to partner groups who want to accelerate their current growth strategies primarily through:

  • Organic Growth & Expansion
  • M&A Growth
  • Partner Liquidity & Transitions


Clearsight’s Growth Capital vs. Other Available Capital

Clearsight has experience with every kind of partner group and understands the growth challenges of professional services businesses better than any traditional capital provider. Traditional capital providers can’t properly underwrite the professional services business model and Clearsight has the expertise and successful track record advising services businesses to fill this massive gap in the market. The major advantages of Clearsight’s strategic growth capital for owners of professional services businesses are:

  • Partners maintain control of their firm
  • Capital is non-dilutive (we do not seek direct equity stakes) and is far less restrictive than bank debt
  • We have aligned incentives and benefit from a firm’s top-line growth
  • Clearsight’s team and Executive Council are available to serve as an expert sounding board for navigating critical growth milestones


Clearsight’s Investment Criteria

  • Professional services firms seeking up to $15mm in growth capital
  • Partner groups committed to growing revenue via concrete strategies
  • Profitable firms led by pragmatic partner groups and management teams
  • Firms that seek a financial partner who can add significantly more value than simply writing a check