Sector Focus

Public Sector Technology


We possess a truly unique combination of technology expertise and deep understanding of how business gets done in the public sector. Being located in the Washington, DC area gives us an advantage in serving this large, highly fragmented market.

The public sector market is comprised of a diverse group of state organizations and more than 100 organizations at the federal level. As governments (federal and state and local) have embraced technology and outsourcing, commercial business models have become more accepted in the public sector.  In addition, proven technologies in the private sector have become sought after in the public sector and vice versa.  Clearsight has deep experience working with technology and services companies serving both the private and public sector and views this continued convergence as an accelerating trend.

Our track-record of delivering strategic and financial advice to leading growth companies in this hybrid public sector technology market is unparalleled. Our deep insights ino both the public sector and commercial markets enables us to deliver outstanding results to our clients.