Our Firm



The fact that our people make us different is an understatement. We are building a business that will continue to prosper long after we are gone.

What makes Clearsight tick – our people. The real secret sauce here isn’t that we have the best people in the industry, it’s why we have the best people in the industry. We have created a culture and an organizational structure that fosters just the right balance of teamwork, individual creativity, passion for winning, high-integrity client-first focus, relentless pursuit of achievement, and economic opportunity. It is that balance and structure that has enabled us to attract a group of highly motivated and intelligent professionals committed to a common vision.

Our team not only embodies the dynamic spirit required to succeed on behalf of our clients, but we have done it with a group of individuals that quite honestly can best be described as “down-to-earth.” Living and working in a business that is fraught with ego, our team has managed to deliver exceptional results to our clients and our shareholders while maintaining a balanced perspective and keeping their feet squarely planted on the ground.

Clearsight’s DNA is as diversified and rich as our team of professionals. That said, it has one long common thread of culture which results in a collegial camaraderie committed to each other and passionate about helping our clients realize their vision. We have all witnessed this dynamic at work and how it results in a remarkably effective process and outcome for both our clients and Clearsight. As a result, we are committed to ensuring the continued growth and adherence to our principles, and the resulting culture and team.

The most compelling aspect of our DNA is that it is self-perpetuating. Our environment, both culture and structure, continues to attract both the best and the brightest and those who value the work ethic, integrity and team character that are our hallmarks.