Our Firm

Executive Council


We are the only firm with an Executive Council comprised of current and former executives who have built market-leading Business and Technology services companies.

We formed the Clearsight Executive Council (CEC) to ensure that our relationships with clients are ongoing far beyond a successful exit or liquidity event.  Unlike other firms, maintaining a close relationship and ongoing dialog with our former clients is paramount to us. Why? Because they are not just former clients; they are market experts, successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and knowledgeable industry veterans. Their collective and individual talent is extremely beneficial to Clearsight, our clients and institutional investors.

The CEC allows founders and executives to stay in the game to:
  •  Mentor and provide guidance to entrepreneurs
  •  Participate in co-investment opportunities
  •  Serve on Boards of Directors
  •  Expand their industry network
  •  Continue to build wealth
  •  Stay abreast of new industry developments

The CEC allows capital providers to tap into a stable of executives for:
  •  Deal sourcing, execution and due diligence
  •  Portfolio company advisory
  •  Customized research (market polling, etc.)