Capital Raising. 

We maintain intimate relationships with the leading private equity firms and debt lenders that truly understand our growth-oriented clients and the markets they operate in. Clearsight provides a wide variety of capital-raising and private placement services, addressing our clients’ varying growth and liquidity challenges. Our team is experienced in all aspects of capital formation including senior debt, subordinate debt, preferred stock and common stock. Our market intelligence and advisory experience have enabled us to consistently achieve maximum value and advise clients on the optimal capital structure required to achieve their strategic objectives. While our relationships are targeted to the firms that have core expertise in our industry coverage areas, they extend across senior lenders, traditional asset managers, hedge funds, mezzanine funds and private equity and venture capital investors.

How We Work. 

We customize every engagement to optimize the outcome while minimizing disruption to our clients’ main focus, which is running their business. We are selective in taking on new engagements, ensuring that we are the “right” strategic partner for our clients. Our deal experience and laser focus on markets where we have deep expertise and relationships enable us to bring a unique capability to bear for our clients. 

Project Inquiry

Please fill out our project inquiry form in as much detail as possible and we’ll reach out to get the conversation started. Alternatively, give us a call at 703-672-3100. Talk to you soon!